We Roast Our Own Beans

BlueStars Coffee Roaster

For BlueStar coffee we searched for the best locally roasted coffee to serve in our cafe, and though we found some we liked, we never found one we loved… so we decided to roast our own. There are many coffee options available today, but small batch roasting on location has been an amazing and rewarding experience that shows in the quality and consistency of our coffee.

From bean selection, to roasting, to grinding, to your cup, we genuinely care about every step in the process. Our company mission is to provide a simple but amazing experience found only through a fresh, flavorful beverage. Whether this is juice or coffee we understand the importance of ensuring that you get the same freshness in every drink.

  • Lone Wolf
    This is Bluestar’s signature blend. Named after a musician that rode his bike so much between gigs during a world tour that his guitar tech nicknamed him "Lone wolf." The band made it official by making "Lone Wolf" guitar picks for him to throw off stage. When asked what a Lone wolf coffee would taste like he of course said "strong and dark…real dark."

    Well, Lone wolf is strong, really dark and really, really good! Full bodied with no bitterness this roast produces a complex cup of coffee that has all the savory flavor of a medium roast with the intense bite of a dark roast. Dark Roast
  • Alchemist
    Originally derived from the Ancient Greek meaning "art of transmuting metals", it is both a philosophy and an ancient practice focused on the attempt to change base metals into gold.

    Our Alchemist blend is a mildly acidic, clean, bright cup of coffee that gets you up and going for the day. The Alchemist’s well defined caramel tones (gold) coupled with a finishing hint of spice give it a unique and addictive flavor. Rounding out the undertones of the coffee are nutty hints. Medium Roast
  • BlueStar
    When we created our espresso we searched for the perfect bean we could roast in the perfect way to make the perfect espresso. It came to us in the form of the Tanzanian Peaberry. A peaberry occurs when the coffee cherry develops only one bean instead of the normal two causing the bean to have a more intense flavor.

    We roast this fairly light so the shot of espresso it produces is dynamic, sweet and complex. It is balanced and flavorful and retains its full body and sweetness in milk. The Tanzanian Peaberry is a premium African bean, and when roasted as an espresso it brilliantly captures the bright, crisp, and fruity like characteristics of the region. Espresso