The BlueStar Juice Bar and Coffee Café | Canyon Rim | Salt Lake City

Where is The BlueStar?

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2795 South 2300 East, Canyon Rim

The BlueStar Juice Bar and Coffee Café is located at the north entrance of the Canyon Rim neighborhood coming off (or going on) the I- 80 ramp on the corner of 2300 east and 2700 south. We are dog friendly and enjoy all the cyclists, walkers and runners that help make Canyon Rim such a great place to live that go past our place on a daily basis! Google Map with directions to our Canyon Rim store.

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The BlueStar | KUTV Fresh Living

Fresh Living Utah (KUTV) did this piece on Blue Star Juice and Coffee Café. It covers the health benefits of our fresh juice, as well as our in-house roasted coffee. See what else they had to say about our humble little shop.

Breakfast and Lunch

  • The BlueStar Baninni is the best breakfast sandwich in SLC! Create your own by choosing your favorite bagel, cheese and filling and we will season and grill it to perfection or choose from the Mediterranean, the Southwest or the Denver.
  • Served with a side of pickled veggies or a fresh garlic cucumber spear, Blue Star offers a variety of lunch bagel sandwiches stacked with your favorite meat, cheese and veggies for a healthy lunch.
  • Choose from our variety of homemade cream cheese spreads made fresh using veggies and fruit from our juice bar: roasted garlic and chive, strawberry and orange and brown sugar and cinnamon are a few of house favorites.


We Roast Our Own Beans

  • Lone Wolf Full bodied with no bitterness; has all the savory flavor of a medium roast with the intense bite of a dark roast. Dark Roast
  • Alchemist Mildly acidic with well defined caramel tones coupled with a finishing hint of spice and nuts. Medium Roast
  • BlueStar We roast this fairly light so it is dynamic, sweet and complex yet balanced and flavorful retaining a full body and sweetness in milk. Espresso


Health and Fitness

Bluestar promotes health and fitness as a way of life. We offer a full selection of fruits and vegetables for you to use to create your own juice combination, or choose from one of our house favorites made popular at the Farmer’s Market! The convenience of ordering fresh juice at the drive thru makes it even easier to give your body the nutrients and vitamins that it needs to keep you healthy and on the go!